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Bethel Children’s Foundation

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Chingola, Zambia
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Aria Studio

Digital Deployment

A Vision of Hope and Dignity

In the heart of Zambia, Bethel Children’s Foundation has a noble vision: a society where needy and vulnerable children and youths have access to a dignified standard of living. Their mission is clear – to empower these children and youths, rebuilding their self-esteem through the Gospel of Christ.

Providing Secure Learning Environments

Despite their dedication, the foundation faced challenges in reaching and supporting the vulnerable children of Chingola’s high-density areas. They aimed to bring these children into secure learning environments, motivating them to learn and acquire life skills. Furthermore, they aspired to establish a skills training center to help youths who couldn’t afford college or university education.

A Personalised Approach Family Tracing and Discipleship

Understanding the importance of family and community, Bethel Children’s Foundation engages with the families of every child in their care. Their discipleship program focuses on correcting the children’s perceptions of the world, building emotional literacy, and strengthening their resilience.

Financial Challenges and the Need for Strong Partnerships

Funding is crucial for their programs, which emphasize education and skills training. The children benefit from a feeding program to improve nutrition and other essential services like education, health, library services, and sports and recreation. To sustain and expand these initiatives, Bethel Children’s Foundation sought reliable partnerships and long-term funding solutions.

Digital Transformation with Broos Action

To address these challenges and support their mission effectively, Bethel Children’s Foundation partnered with Broos Action Innovations Limited. Through Broos Action’s NGO discounts and support for charities, the foundation received comprehensive digital solutions tailored to their needs.

The Role of Broos Action’s Software and Digital Solutions

Broos Action provided Bethel Children’s Foundation with:

  • Business Email Service: A professional email system to enhance communication within the organization and with donors and stakeholders.
  • Enterprise Web Hosting: Reliable and secure hosting services ensuring optimal performance and uptime for their website and digital platforms.
  • Graphical Design: Custom-designed graphics to enhance the foundation’s branding and visual communication materials.
  • Consultation: Expert consultation to guide the foundation in leveraging digital solutions effectively.
  • Full Digital Platform: A comprehensive digital platform to engage donors, teachers, and prospects, facilitating seamless communication, fundraising, and program management.

A Future Built on Collaboration and Digital Innovation

With the support of Broos Action, Bethel Children’s Foundation has strengthened its digital infrastructure, enabling them to engage more effectively with donors, teachers, and prospects. This digital transformation has empowered the foundation to streamline operations, enhance communication, and foster collaboration, ultimately advancing their mission of empowering vulnerable children and youths.

Bethel Children’s Foundation continues to be faithful to their original mission, reaching out to children in destitute conditions and providing them with the support they need to thrive. Through their partnership with Broos Action, they have embraced digital transformation as a catalyst for growth, excellence, and innovation, ensuring a brighter future for the children and youths they serve.

To organizations considering a similar journey, let Bethel Children’s Foundation’s story inspire you. With the right digital partner and vision, the possibilities are limitless. Start building your future today with us at Broos Action Innovations Limited!